The objectives of the ABCRC are many and are based on providing an oversupply of Catholic priests. The fact that  Our Lord Jesus "chose" twelve Apostles, mostly married, to build His Church and assigned Peter to be the "Rock" of the One Church of Twelve Apostles has resulted in the founding of 24 particular Apostolic Churches (to date) in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. It is incumbent upon the reader of this website to be knowledgeable in the organizational structure of the particular Churches in the One Church and especially the Byzantine Catholic Churches therein. To begin, there are nine Byzantine Catholic Churches including the Bulgarians, Greeks, Italo-Albanians, Melkites, Rumanians, Russians, Rusyns, Serbians, and Ukrainians. Because there is a unique history to the Byzantine Catholic, and the solution to the priest shortage, this website will devote primary attention to the basic history of one of the Byzantine Catholic Churches, the particular sui iuris (self-governing) Apostolic Byzantine Catholic Rusyn Church.  
It is to be remembered that the Byzantine Catholic Churches are included in the Eastern Catholic Churches of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Importantly, the Eastern Catholic Churches adhere to the "Code of Canons of the Eastern Catholic Churches" that is papal-approved (latest approval by Pope John II in 1990). It is within these papal-approved canons that the solution, a married clergy, to achieve an oversupply of Catholic priests is located. Now, we must implement the canonical solution in the Americas. The canon is implemented in the European Byzantine Catholic Churches without opposition by their local Roman Catholic bishops  .... update: Pope Francis in 2015, returned the papal approved Eastern code for a married clergy to all Byzantine Catholic Churches, worldwide.
One of the primary objectives of the ABCRC is to assist our Latin Catholic bishops to solve the unbelievable "priest shortage," that exists not only in the USA but also worldwide. In providing the ABCRC information, we are fully aware that there are advantages to celibate priests but their "priest shortage" has also resulted in many lost souls and a percentage decrease in Catholics worldwide (18.3% in 1963 to 17.6% in 2013). The recent Pew Study reveals 20,000,000 Americans recently departing from the USA Catholic Church. The shortage of missionary celibate priests from the USA has stifled our "going forth."
The invasion of South America by other Christian missionaries is difficult to understand in that the Protestant Christian missionaries do not realize that they are capturing people from Apostolic Catholic Churches in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ. The fact that "our faith" has not been properly shared with "all Christians" is of concern and that the expansion of the number of particular Apotolic Churches, especially in the West, is to be noted herein as a primary solution. Church Unity of All Religions is the optimum goal. 
In the statistics for the year 2012, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church had 412,236 priests for 1,195,671,000 Catholics worldwide for a ratio of 2,900 faithful per priest, worldwide. In the USA we had 776 Catholics per priest in 1963, a most instructive ratio to go forth and teach all nations. At 776 faithful per priest, worldwide, we would need 1,540,813 priests to educate our Catholic population. To teach the world's populatuion of 6,848,550,000, we would need 8,825,451 priests to fulfill Our Lord's instructions. There is an example in the European Byzantine Catholic Church in Slovakia and Ukraine in "choosing" an oversupply of holy Catholic priests, married and celibate. Let us begin! 
The objectives of this website include increasing the reader's knowledge of the Eastern Catholic Churches, especially by those who have no previous understanding or are in need of a refresher, a primer. The book titled, "THE OTHER CATHOLICS, OBEDIENT AND FAITHFUL," 275 pages, authored by Joseph P. Bonchonsky is available in limited quantities from B H Company, 1334 Ramona Drive, Mount Shasta, CA  96067. (Price of $15.00, plus P&H of $2.50) (CA residents add $1.09 tax).  

The total sales from the book were delivered to Bishop John Semedi for construction of the seminary in Uzhorod (Cartpatho Rus Oblast in the Ukraine). The first $5,000 were personnally delivered by Monsignor Basil Smochko and Father Joseph Ridella.  All sales in the future will be directed to charities by the ABCRC. The total cost of printing was paid for by Joseph P. Bonchonsky JR, the son of the author. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ instructed the Twelve Apostles "to go forth and make disciples of all nations;" therefore, it is our objective to assist in obtaining the oversupply of priests to fulfill Our Lord's Instructions.  
Our ABCRC objectives are based on understanding our Lord's instructions from an Eastern Church culture point of view that is supported by Our Lord's instructions.
For example, in answering the question, "Why did Our Lord instruct Twelve Apostles?" Common sense tells us that Our Lord knew that different understandings would be required to determine the correct interpretation and the different cultures of the Apostolic Curches founded by Twelve Apostles would provide the best interpretation as opposed to one interpretation from one point of view. Today, in review of the second millennium and the interpretations of one Apostolic Latin Catholic Church without the counsel of the 23 other Apostolic Churches of the East (Orthodox Churches), the major crises have presented great difficulties of going forth; in fact, the Catholic Church has decreased, percentage wise from 18.3% in 1963 to 17.6% in 2013. The Apostolic Latin Catholic Church, managing alone, has been directly responsible for the Great Schism (1054), the manmade mandate of celibacy (1139), the Protestant Reformation (middle of the second millennium), the extreme priest shortage beginning in a major decrease of seminarians in Europe, North America, and South America (1960's to this very date), the Latin Catholic bishops handling of the pedophile issue when 6,800 priests strayed at a cost of 4$ billion, and the present day status of an unbelievable priest shortage with no solution implemented by the Latin Catholic bishops in choosing the ones "called" by Our Lord.          
The conditions initiated in the second millennium when the West decided to go it alone must not continue as the world's poplation statistically doubles every 60 years. In 2018, the statistics reveal a population growth of 1 billion every 12+ years. The solution is known and it begins with solving the priest shortage and Church Unity of All Religions to provide educated families. 
Our prime objective in www.abcrc.us is to research every potential activity that encourages the Latin Catholic bishops to understand that Our Lord selected Twelve Apostles to allow for management and administration of the One Church with His Instructions.
For example, the second Ecumenical Council, 381, the First Council of Constantinople, with 150 bishops present, established the Order of Precedence of Five Major Holy Sees, equal with Peter first, followed by Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem in that order. Today, Rome has proceeded to the position of dropping the title of Patriarch for the Pope. Why? To ensure their one-sided interpretation that the status of Rome is alone to manage (subjugate) all? Rome  invites the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople to commence Church Unity?
Pope Francis has properly placed "no subjugation and no assimilation" in Church Unity of East and West. First, the Roman Curia must be limited to staff only for the Apostolic Latin Catholic Church, The Five Major Holy Sees must, ecumenically, manage at the second level of the administration of the One Church. The Roman Curia has persecuted my Apostolic Byzantine Rusyn Church beginning with the jailing of our founders, Slavic Saints Cyril and Methodius, in 863. During the past 122 years (1893 to 2015), in the USA, we have been badly subjugated to Latin Catholic bishops persecution of Our People as it has been since 1646, the year of Church Unity in the Uzhorod re-union with Rome. 
The fact that the West is of one Apostolic Church does not mean that the Ecumenical Council establishment of Five Major Holy Sees is to be ignored and Church Unity sought only on the terms of Rome. Pope Francis is correct, there shall be "no subjugation and no assimilation."      

The Great Schism of 1054, and the two signed agreements of Church Unity, between East and West: Second Council of Lyons, 1274, and the Council of Basle-Ferrara-Florence (1431 to 1439), indicate that the Leadership of Twelve Apostles and their Successors requires a concerted effort by all involved to prepare the One Church to organize in the Lord's instructions of equality for each Apostolic Church and the wisdom of the Early Fathers together.    
In our attempt to assist the One Church, we have researched many factors that, prayerfuly, will impact the bishops who guide us all to live within the code of canons appropriate for Church Unity of All Religions and the "religious freedom" reached when Our Lord "selected" the Twelve Apostles.   
                 Joseph P. Bonchonsky
                  A faithful member of the One Church
PS. The four pioneers of the American Byzantine Catholic Research Center, Frank Sabach. Steve Mikitish, Andrew Bonn and Joseph Bonchonsky, emanated from one parish, St. Michaels Byzantine Catholic Church in the coal-mining town of Pittston, Pennsylvania, during the time period when St Michael's produced seven priests,five sisters and one brother. As members of the faithful, we four want to leave a library of articles that students, especially of our particular Church, can read to obtain the knowledge of our religious challenges during our lifetime, and "to go forth."
The articles are subject to the readers' review/comments, especially, if the reader locates an error, a mis-representation, and/or in need of further clarification. The articles are dated and indicate a thought process of that time. Statistics in an article add factual proof to the objective of the article in that the source of the statistics are from bishops worldwide as reported to Rome annnually via Annuario Pontificio and summarized annually in the Our Sunday Visitor Catholic Almanacs.  
It is intended that the articles will also provide research information for those involved in studying Church history and assist them to have a full, worldwide, report for their thorough knowledge of the 24 particular Apostolic Churches that comprise the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.