Research Articles Part II is intended to add to your knowledge of ABCRC's intent to assist our Catholic bishops in arriving at 8+ million Catholic priests, worldwide, to fulfill Our Lord's instructions "to go forth and teach all nations."
The articles in Part I were limited to those articles that allow you to have a foundational knowledge of our status including our bishops' statistics for every country (with Catholics), continents, and, thereby, understand the awesome "priest shortage" that presently exists. In fully understanding our priest shortage and the solution illustrated by our particular Byzantine Catholic Church via our papal-approved canon laws, in Carpatho-Rus (Slovakia and Ukraine), our bishops will be inclined (prayerfully) to fulfill the duties of their office.
The articles in Part II are intended to "stand alone" and allow those of you who wish not only to have a more complete knowledge of the particular Apostolic Churches that comprise the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church but also to be better prepared to evangelize others based on that knowledge. First, we need an oversupply of Catholic priests and sisters to lead us, the faithful. Second, we must be prepared to intelligently engage "all others" especially our former Catholics, and our Christian brothers in the protesting Churches, and then all remaining. It is amazing how my Protestant friends react when they ask me, "what Church do you belong to?" I reply, "to one of the Apostolic Churches that Our Lord Jesus founded." If nothing else, the conversation begins at a unique level and you are no longer on the defensive, especially when you explain that Our Church is for sinners who wish to repent.  
The education of  "all" can only begin when you are a knowledgeable Catholic and fully understand the totality of the particular Churches therein and, that there is a place for them in Our Lortd's Apostolic Church founded by Him. It is to be recognized that most all of the Catholic faithful will not be "experts" in the entirety of the Bible but it is important that we also know a "good" amount of the organization of the One Church and how we all have a place therein (including others).  It is the intent of this website to begin your self-taught education and to be better prepared to evangelize with adequate knowledge. In reading books such as "THE OTHER CATHOLICS, OBEDIENT AND FAITHFUL," and then, at your convenience, studying the ABCRC research articles contained herein, you, hopefully, enter into a "world of spiritual life" that not only awakens your attention but also encourages you to seek more knowledge on saving the souls of others.
Some of the articles in may initially offend and that is expected because we are "sinners" and yet some of those sins occurred because of the "fervor" within some of our faithful. While the intentions were "good," by many faithful, the full knowledge of the One Church and its Apostolic structure was not well understood. When Our Lord selected Twelve Apostles and instructed them, their travels and accomplishments indicate the results of Our Lord's teachings. It is through the founding of Apostolic Churches, presently in its infancy, that Apostolic Succession will impact the entirety of the worlds' population. 
It is the intent of ABCRC to not only include our past articles but also to prepare additional articles that will add to your knowledge as a faithful member of the One, Holy, Catholic, and  Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ. Additional ABCRC research articles will be included in subsequent updates of this website.