#295 SEP 2013 GO FORTH

#295 SEP 2013 ABCRC "GO FORTH"

Our Lord instructs the One Church "to go forth and teach all people." The "cold statistical facts" of our worldwide bishops indicates that we are in a crisis. The last one hundred years indicates that more humans have been sacrificed than any previous hundred-year period. The last fifty years, 1963 to 2013, statistically reveals that the teachers of the One Church, our priests and sisters, have suffered a numerical disaster and the near-term future indicates a greater disaster. Cold statistics from our bishops’ annual reports require lengthy dialogue, but the bottom statistical line reveals a need for action.

The basic statistic is that our priest numbers have reduced from 432,247 priests worldwide in 1963 to 412,236 priests in 2013. Our sisters have decreased from 1,014,292 to 721,935. The world’s Catholic population has increased from 572,096,000 in 1963 to 1,195,671,000 in 2013. The world’s total population has increased from 3,119,464,628 to 6,848,550,000 in the same time-period. Most significantly, during the 70-year period, more humans have been killed outright than in any past 100-year period. The evil in the world must be stopped and the one primary solution is to provide an oversupply of priests and sisters.

In 1963, the USA had 56,540 Catholic priests and 43,851,538 Catholic faithful, 776 faithful per priest. In 2013, there were 39,718 priests for 69,110,606 faithful, 1,740 faithful per priest. The calculation for the year 2050 is 4,340 faithful per priest. Detailed statistics and calculations for every country with Catholic faithful are available on the ABCRC website, www.abcrc.us.

Our One Church Leaders, during the second millennium, separated the Orthodox in 1054, mandated priest celibacy in 1139, unable to stop the Protestant Reformation in the middle of the second millennium, stagnated at 20% of the world’s population, and today, we have a priest shortage resulting in the commencement of an Exodus (20,000,000 in the USA alone) of the faithful from the One Church.

Is there a solution in the third millennium? Yes! We now have a Pope Francis who has served as a bishop for Eastern Catholics in South America, and is fully knowledgeable of the papal-approved Code of Canons on the Eastern Churches (latest approval, JP II, 1990) that solved the crisis of 1945 to 1989 when the Byzantine Catholic particular Churches in Slovakia and Ukraine were terminated by the atheist communists. Within 20 years thereafter, the European Byzantine Catholics provided an oversupply of married priests and the seminaries now have two vocations for each opening.

Pope Francis in Rome will be confronted by the entrenched Roman Curia who for 874 years (1139 to 2013) have obfuscated every attempt to implement Our Lord’s instructions "to go forth and teach all people with an oversupply of priests," celibate and married.

It is amazing when the Church Leaders of the One Church have succumbed to a self-inflicted status that has negated the "called" and placed their manmade mandate of celibacy above the salvation of souls and the resulting priest shortage in the implementation of manmade disasters of the second millennium, etc. The papal-approved example of Our Lord’s "calling" of an oversupply of priests is being made visible. Pope Francis will be confronted with a past millennium of resistance and while his chances range between zero to nil we can pray that Our Lord’s instructions to go forth are fully understood and that the world’s population of 6,848,550,000 are best served at 776 faithful per priest, requiring 8,825,451 Catholic priests.

Since 1985, the American Byzantine Catholic Research Center, ABCRC, has prepared 295 articles, ranging from Orthodox-Roman Church Unity (with a positive reply from an Orthodox Patriarch), to a thorough statistical analysis of the priest shortage in every country, while our particular Eastern Catholic Church in the USA is apparently being terminated. And we continue to pray for our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters to avoid the upcoming disaster that will decimate their particular Church.

To go forth and make disciples of all nations requires participation by every Catholic faithful person worldwide and that they may be fully instructed by an oversupply of priest and sister teachers.

May we commence the third millennium journey by understanding our past mea culpas and fulfill those measures illustrated by our Early Fathers. May we pray for Pope Francis as he attempts to go forth inside the Vatican and restructure the organization therein. It may be that Pope Francis may have to re-establish the five Major Holy Sees with their Patriarchs and the Patriarchs of the 22 particular Churches therein, to conduct patriarchal council meetings to truly become the Rock of the One Church. Never again should one particular Church demand that another particular Church disobey a papal-approved canon.

My particular Byzantine Catholic Church in the USA, nearing termination, has suffered long enough at the hands of Roman bishops and we pray for Pope Francis to be our Rock.


Joseph P. Bonchonsky