#300 OCT 2013 300TH ARTICLE


It is appropriate that ABCRC take a moment to fully explain the objectives in writing periodic articles to you and especially when some articles appear to circumvent the primary objectives.

Our primary objective is to assist our Church Leaders, the bishops, in solving the "priest shortage." There are no statistical facts more informative than the annual statistics that the world’s bishops submit to Rome. Rome compiles the statistics into a document titled "Annuario pontificio" and then analyses by our Church Leaders are prepared. The statistics are available in English in the annual "Our Sunday Visitor’s Catholic Almanac." While the OSV Catholic Almanac includes considerable text to accompany the statistics, ABCRC presents an in-depth analysis oriented toward the objective of solving the priest shortage. As a result, many of the ABCRC articles include analyses directly impacted by the statistics and some additional articles that are impacted by the ABCRC studies of the tangential impact of statistics. In all cases, the ABCRC intent is to be supportive to our bishops. It was/is anticipated that on an occasion, some bishops will not agree with the ABCRC articles. That could be interpreted as a good result based on the fact that some bishops are over occupied with survival tasks other than solving the priest shortage.

Quite often, an ABCRC article will be oriented to the many actions of our Roman bishops who incorrectly impact our USA Byzantine Catholic Church. While ABCRC understands the Roman bishops’ positions on Catholic activities that differ between West and East, ABCRC will exhaust every avenue to fully explain the ABCRC position by providing factual supportive reasoning accompanied with statistical facts to justify the ABCRC position. For example, the Roman Bullas, Ea semper and Cum data fuerit that deny us of our papal-approved canon on a married clergy, plus many other wrongful action items. ABCRC will detail the direct statistical harm these Roman actions have taken. Further explanations other than our USA particular Church upcoming potential termination will be presented. For example, the Church Unity of the Orthodox and Romans is definitely obstructed by the Roman multiple action items against our Eastern Catholic Churches.

Furthermore, the separation of all Christians, Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants is an insult to all of them in that the teachings of Jesus Christ are not followed in harmony by all three Christian Churches. A classic recent example is the Anglican return via Anglicanorum coetibus. After centuries of complex theological conferences and dialogues toward Unity, Rome insults the Anglicans by demanding all future Anglican vocations be celibate while accepting returning Anglican priests to retain their marriages; an obvious action to protect the self-inflicted non-dogmatic manmade mandate of celibacy as opposed to the unity of Christians. The way to grow unity with the Protestants, most all of them, was to provide a particular self-governing Church status to the returning Anglicans. There continued use of other non-dogma beliefs was agreed upon but the divisiveness of a manmade mandate of celibacy was demanded by the Romans and thereby negating a major start in reunion amongst the Romans and Protestants. Church unity discussions have occupied centuries and without a change in renewal in the Roman Church, the third millennium will continue the disaster of 1054, the Great Schism and the Protestant Reformation.

While the above examples are illustrations of the Romans’ one-sidedness that was initiated during the Great Schism of 1054 and continue to illustrate that Roman deficiency, the Roman Church Leaders have blinded themselves to the great harm that they have constructed by the self-inflicted priest shortage that cripples Rome in leading the evangelization of "all nations" as instructed by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

A classic illustration of the immediate Unity of Roman and Orthodox Churches is presented in ABCRC Article #55, located in www.abcrc.us with an immediate response by the Patriarch of Athens and All Greece, Patriarch Chrystodoulos+. After 700 copies were mailed to every Roman VIP bishop, etc., no Roman response was received. It is quite obvious that Article #55 contained the Eastern Catholic analyses of the suggested unity agreement and not a Roman analysis.

The factual example of the particular European Byzantine Catholic Churches’ renewal after being terminated by the Soviet atheistic communists is obviously denied by the Roman hierarchy that continues to demand the 1139 Roman ecumenical council manmade mandate of celibacy. No Eastern bishops participated in 1139. Please review Articles #207 and #208 in the ABCRC website www.abcrc.us, a factual papal-approved canonical solution to the priest shortage is presented.

It is amazing that the solution (as practiced in the first millennium of the Roman Church) to the priest shortage is designated "off the table." One may ask why? It is a classic example of men coming into power (as bishops in this example) and, in this case, denying Our Lord’s instructions to "go forth and teach all nations" by insisting on priestly celibacy, their idealistic status, when knowingly denying the priesthood to millions of "called."

The ABCRC recognizes that in the past 50 years, 1963 to 2013, the One Church has doubled the number of faithful from 572,006,00 to 1,195, 671,000 but the holy priesthood has decreased from 432,247 priests to 412,236 priests. The good works of holy priests have been stressed during this time period. It is also noted that the world’s population grew from 3,119,464,628 in 1963 to 6,848,550,000 in 2013 and thereby explaining the reasoning for the Catholic growth. Catholic Church Leaders are enamored by the Catholic population growth but the One Church has decreased from 18.3% to 17.4%. A higher percentage of Catholics existed before the Great Schism when Rome separated from the Orthodox Churches of the East who now number over 300,000,000 faithful with Catholic sacraments.

ABCRC presents classical examples of Church history and the bishops’ statistics are interpreted to illustrate the hierarchy obviously protecting their manmade mandate of celibacy status as opposed to "saving souls." In the USA, in 1963, there were 776 faithful per priest; in 2013 there are 1,740 USA faithful per priest and with seminarians reduced from 47,574 to 5,015 there will be approximately 4,340 faithful per priest in 2050. In 1963, the world’s faithful per priest was 1,323 and today, 2013, the faithful per priest number is 2,900. The forecast for the world is 3,553 faithful per priest in 2050. Pope Francis is aware that Argentina, in 2013, has 6,381 faithful per priest. He has been quoted as "guess we will have to ordain married men who were called." Now that Pope Francis is fully responsible in Rome, he has the position to place the subject "on the table." However, the past millennium illustrates that Rome will place her celibacy as a top priority. We pray for Pope Francis.

Statistically, for the world’s population to have 776 per priest, a total of 8,825,451 priests are required. Our Lord surely "calls" them and now our bishops are responsible for the "choosing." The Byzantine Catholic Churches of Eastern Europe vividly portray the statistical results of a papal approved canon for a married and celibate clergy as reported in ABCRC Articles #056, #207, and #208. After complete termination by the Soviet atheist communists, our Byzantine Catholic Church in Europe, now, has an oversupply of holy priests. My American Byzantine Catholic Church has been reduced from 312,793 faithful in 1963 to 83,990 faithful in 2013 and our seminary is near empty, the potential route to termination is on the horizon.

With the USA Roman priest shortage, there is no good news for our Roman Catholic brothers despite their persecution of my USA particular Catholic Church

The ABCRC is but a whisper in the wind trying to awaken the USA Catholic media to awaken our Roman Catholic bishops to avoid the upcoming, increasing priest shortage that is readily solvable. Surely, Our Lord "calls" the necessary multitude of vocations.




Joseph P. Bonchonsky

PS. The ABCRC website, www.abcrc.us, will continuously add ABCRC articles as they are written. The 2014 OSV Catholic Almanac will be available shortly and our ABCRC articles will continue to our last breath. S NAMI BOH … GOD IS WITH US!