The history of the industrial revolution, management versus labor, child labor laws, employed versus unemployed, rich versus poor, free versus slave, and today’s "haves versus have-nots" is a continuing story that is at the foundation of our ills. You and I, as members of the practicing-faithful are well schooled in our support of solving the injustices that have plagued mankind for an eternity. Our Catholic Church fights the good fight of "good" versus "evil."

The complications that are set in motion when the privileged take advantage over the underprivileged are worthy of ABCRC to analyze them especially where we, as the One Church, are best positioned to participate in solving the injustices. There are the known corrective actions that are categorized under the term of "education." The solutions are all known, basically, but the implementation is, in fact, near impossible, burdensome. It must be recognized in the secular world that in their present procedure, the millennium-long uncorrected struggle will continue for centuries. Fortunately, correction is readily available to mankind.

One major deterrent that holds back the One Church is that we are decreasing percentage wise in our statistical membership numbers. Many of our faithful are succumbing to tasks of joining the persecuting privileged. It is only human to "want" the privileged position in life but without losing our souls. That objective will continue but the steps that are taken to reach one’s earthly desires are most challenging. Therein one steps out of line from the straight narrow path. The primary solution remains via education but the shortage of teachers, priests, sisters, and good parents, is increasing. We need good parents and we need good teachers for parents to be good. We need an oversupply of teaching priests and sisters. The process is available.

ABCRC, in researching our Catholic worldwide bishops’ statistics on the religious, priests and sisters, is fully aware of the crisis that is upon our One Church, and especially the faithful who, at one time in the USA shared a priest with 775 other faithful. This statistical fact has now reached 1,740 USA faithful per priest and worldwide at 2,900 faithful per priest. In our present number of seminarians, the faithful per priest worldwide will be at 3,553 faithful per priest in 2050 and the crises increase. Argentina, the birthplace of Pope Francis is presently at 6,381 faithful per priest (37,750,000 faithful with 5,916 priests) and he is fully aware of that statistical status. Pope Francis, prayerfully, will begin our renewal.

Pope Francis is in Rome and Italy is at 1,180 (57,554,000 faithful with 48,745 priests) faithful per priest and the question arises, "Will Pope Francis remember Argentina statistics, worldwide statistics, or succumb to the lesser problem in Italy? One must remember Pope John Paul II who placed the canonical solution that he approved in 1990, "off the table." Poland presently has 1,236 (36,746,000 faithful with 29,737 priests) faithful per priest. Poland increased her priesthood from 15,848 priests in 1963 to 29,737 priests in 2012, one of the few countries to improve the 1,881 faithful per priest (29,810,621 faithful with 15,848 priests in 1963) to 1,236 faithful per priest in 2012 (36,746,000 faithful with 29,737 priests. Poland’s seminarians increased from 2,280 seminarians in 1963 to 4,662 seminarians in 2012 (however Poland’s seminarians decreased from 5,033 seminarians in 2011 and 6,427 seminarians in 2006).

Having one priest for 776 faithful (USA 1963), we were classified in the "haves" status. In 2013, the USA with 1,740 faithful per priest is definitely in the "have-not" statistical status. The results during this 50-year period include abortion legalized, same sex marriage legalized, unemployment, etc.

USA is not alone; Ireland, in 1963, went from 519 faithful per priest (3,128,835 faithful with 6,029 priests) to 1,078 (5,295,000 faithful with 4,911 priests) faithful per priest in 2013. Ireland was the Catholic gold mine for missionary priests and today, Ireland needs and seeks help.

Why does ABCRC classify every country, worldwide, in the "have-nots" category? In the period between 1963 and 2013, the world existed in chaos with wars, drugs, crime, unemployment, same-sex marriages, poverty, and yes, continuing child labor injustices. One might state that these ills have existed for many millennia. That may be true, but "limited education" exists, (priest and sister shortage, especially in the last five decades).

If there is one major change that is possible to correct the ills, it is Christian Unity. The USA, basically a Christian country, is so divided that Christian groups "steal" from other Christian groups and they do it in the Lord’s name. Can you picture a Protestant stealing from a particular Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ; it is a norm. In too many ways, we Christians are not behaving like true, loving Christians.

My particular American Byzantine Catholic Church has been denied her papal-approved canon on a married priesthood and we are statistically terminal, caused by our sister Roman Catholic Church. The Romans, in this case, have positioned themselves as the "haves."

There are some outstanding examples of ills, unfortunately. Unemployment institutes poverty and poverty is one of our greatest ills and effects too many people but is easily resolved. Unemployment is a weapon used by the "haves" to contain the "have nots." The One Church needs a Renewal. Priests and sisters have declined since 1963 and our Church Leaders fiddle. World wide, in 1963, we had 572,606,000 faithful, 432,247 priests, and 1,014,292 sisters. In 2013, we have 1,195,671,000 faithful, 412,236 priests and 721,935 sisters. We moved to the "have-nots" at 2,900 faithful per priest and it is a self-inflicted wound.

Our USA priest shortage is severe and with only 5,015 seminarians in 2013 as opposed to the 47,574 seminarians in 1963, the USA is one of the fastest declining countries in the world. The answer is self-evident. Review the ABCRC articles #056, #207, and #208 in the website

www.abcrc.us and the papal-approved canon illustrates that the answer exists in the Eastern Catholic Churches, the land where Our Lord founded the One Church.

As practicing Catholics, you and I are hopeful, prayerful, that Pope Francis leads the world in which we can" "truly" follow Our Lord’s instructions "to go forth and teach all nations." Education is one of the primary solutions and an oversupply of priests and sisters will commence the Church Leadership that Our Lord has ordained.