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                                                         #304 ABCRC DEC 2013 PREVENTIVE STRATEGY


                                         PREVENTIVE STRATEGY

Throughout the world, the One Church is without practical realistic solutions to the worldwide destructions of Catholic property, killings of the Catholic faithful, and, importantly, an impact on the morality of billions outside of the
One Church. Today, upon opposing an evil, the One Church Leaders provide excellent directive instructions to correct evils. There must be a “preventive strategy” for practical solutions to eradicate the ills before impact. Our Lord instructed us to go forth and make disciples of all nations. No better “preventive strategy” exists.

Unfortunately, with but less than 20% of the world’s population within the One Church, we are ineffective. Today’s Catholic population “demands” immediate solutions from our Church Leaders and our bishops are not positioned to implement successfully. True, the One Church does provide support to assist tens of millions who encounter natural disasters. True, the One Church is very charitable to easing the wrongs of poverty. One can illustrate the many good works of the One Church. Nonetheless, millions of souls are disadvantaged and the One Church implements surgery instead of preventive measures to the problems within the world that can be best solved by Catholic action.

To successfully combat evil and the wrongs of the world, the One Church must heed the Lord’s Words “to teach all people.” Education will take a long time to accomplish and time is our major obstacle. With the statistical number of priests and sisters, especially in the changing status of the last 50 years, our One Church is losing the “educational” battle. In the last 50 years the world’s population has increased from 3,119,464,628 in 1963 to 6,848,550,000 in 2012, more than double. During the same time period, our world’s Catholic priesthood decreased from 432,247 to 412,236 and our sisters decreased from 1,014,292 to 721,935. We are not following Our Lord’s instructions. In fact, we are denying the multitude of vocations that Our Lord “calls.”

Not until our Church Leaders, our bishops, change their “choosing” strategy will we begin to implement Our Lord’s instructions to “go forth.”  The real tragedy is the loss of “billions” of souls.

Are our bishops aware of the present tragedy? The ABCRC statistical data is not ours; the statistical raw data is obtained from the worldwide bishops’ reports to Rome.  The Catholic bishops are fully aware of the statistics and the need for their action. Unfortunately, the bishops are hermetically sealed in their own stressed world. Why? During the second millennium, starting with the separation from the Orthodox Churches, the Roman Church hierarchy has not benefited from the wise counsel of 17 apostolic-founded particular Churches located in the East. Rome, limited to a Roman Curia mentality, has become extremely protective of their non-progressive strategy. The Orthodox Churches would immediately agree to Church Unity equivalent to the relationship that existed in the first millennium. Rome will not simply re-unite because the One Church would be based on the Twelve Apostles and their Instructions from Jesus Christ.   (See ABCRC article #44, Orthodox-Roman Unity including the response, as a beginning, from Patriarch Chrystodoulos+, Patriarch of Athens and All Greece). 

As the world’s population grows, the Catholic world population decreases percentage-wise (from 18.3% in 1963 to 17.4% in 2012) and with the number of seminarians (106,163 in 1963 and 118,990 in 2012) (when the need is for millions of seminarians), our holy priesthood preventive strategy is in serious difficulty, if not disastrous.    

Does Our Lord “call” an oversupply of vocations? The RENEWAL of the Byzantine Catholic Church in Pod Karpatska Rus (primarily Slovakia), as noted in #056, #118, and #207 in www.abcrc.us proves that Our Lord “calls” married vocations but our Roman Church Leaders are blinded by obedience to their 1139 manmade mandate. The solutions to the world’s ills are solvable by a preventive strategy and rests in the hands of Pope Francis and his RENEWAL of the Roman Curia. Having lived through the termination (1945 to 1989) of my Slovakia Church by the Soviet communist and the on-going termination of my USA particular Church by the Roman Curia via Ea semper (1907) and Cum data fuerit (1929), it is important that ABCRC continues to present strongly the statistical data of the Roman bishops, worldwide. The “preventive strategy” will take years in normal circumstances but if the Carpatho Rusyns in Slovakia can solve their priest shortage within 20 years after termination then the Roman Catholics, within 50 years, can impact the world.

Will there be opposition, definitely, and two factors will dominate: celibacy and cost. Celibacy because the Church Leaders are thoroughly convinced that celibacy is the only way, the manmade mandated way. The present-day priest shortage is primarily due to celibacy and 864 years (1139 – 2013) of trial is proof enough. Cost will be a major opposition factor and it will be difficult to overcome but nowhere near the cost if we continue with our growing priest shortage and the loss of billions of souls in the years ahead.

Opening all the previously closed seminaries will not be able to meet the needs of the avalanche of new seminarians. While the standards of our priesthood must be continued, there are solutions other than 8 years in the seminary. Based on Our Lord’s three years with the Fist Apostles, a short seminary time period followed with a parish assistant pastor time period will not only expedite the training but provide practical training on-the-job with a long-time experienced, tested pastor.

Based on my experience at St. Michael’s parish in Pittston, Pennsylvania where we provided 7 priests and 5 sisters during the leadership of three married pastors, the first wave of vocations “chosen” should be younger men recently graduated from college. In Ukraine, if a vocation candidate cannot sing, he is not chosen because of the quantity applying who can sing (required for their Divine Liturgy).   

Can you picture the USA bishops challenged with too many vocations? Can you picture each parish with multiple vocations and the support therein? Can you picture the souls saved by an oversupply of priests?  I can!

             GOD IS WITH US!

                                                   Joseph P. Bonchonsky