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                                                                                                                               #305 DEC 2013 LEAST OF MY PEOPLE


                                                               LEAST OF MY PEOPLE


In accordance with biblical instructions, we, the faithful, have a major responsibility to assist those in poverty. With a major percentage of the world’s population in poverty, we, the faithful, have a huge task to fulfill. The faithful of the Catholic Church accomplish a tremendous amount of services to the poor, yet, we have much more to do.  


The “least of my people” is an all encompassing group and many not in poverty are performing acts that include those who need assistance. For example, those Catholics who divide us and create a divisive relationship in fulfilling biblical instructions are included in the “least of my people.” Quite often, the Catholics who reach influential positions in the “media” become destructive instead of aiding the faithful to work together and impact the world’s population with biblical instructions. Let us present examples of this disturbing group of Catholics in the “media.” Although I mention but a few by name, they reflect a number of influential Catholics who know not what they do.


EWTN is one of my favorite television and newspaper networks and Raymond Arroya is one of their leading commentators. Recently, he has been battering Obama Care because it needs modification to correct financial coverage of abortion, contraceptive coverage, etc. and too often he opposes Obama Care in its entirety which is to provide medical coverage to millions (the least of my people) who cannot afford the “past practices” of medical insurance companies.  Instead of good Catholic actions to modify Obama Care, Raymond hosts men such as Newt Gingrich who proceeds to go on a Republican political tirade against the office of the President of the United States.  The end result is that the Republican listeners are pleased and the Democrat listeners are placed in a position of finding Raymond Arroya unacceptable as a Catholic journalist. Most importantly, the Catholic voting is divided amongst Republicans and Democrats and results in a “non-effective” Catholic voting power especially against abortion. Thereby, Raymond Arroya, unknowingly, provides support to the proponents for abortion.


Raymond Arroya is not alone in the names of Catholic personalities who divide the unity of the Catholic voters in opposing Catholic teachings. The trio of Chris Mathews, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Chris Hayes, of MSNBC, often mention their Catholic membership and then all three comment on the equality of same-sex marriage as if it was a Catholic position. I truly enjoy the three men in their Catholic sincerity on many issues but “evil creeping” into the “secular media” results in the reduction of power of the Catholic vote.


Statistically, the USA has a Catholic population of 69,436,660 comprising 22% of the USA 2013 population and the voting power of practicing Catholic faithful is meaningless in comparison to the potential of properly informed Catholics.  It is no wonder that the USA has legalized abortion, same-sex marriage, and a multitude of anti-Catholic teachings.  The Catholics in “media” positions are probably the worst spokesman for the Catholic biblical teachings and the fact that they go unopposed by our Catholic hierarchy and Catholic newspapers is a crime unto itself.


Can you picture the potential political influence of the Catholic vote on moral issues confronting our politicians, republican and democrat? Today, the immoral status in the USA is directly related to the lack of education of our Catholic spokesman in the “media.” Why does this unfortunate status exist? Surely, EWTN does an excellent job on many of their television programs that educate the faithful listeners. 

The most serious problem in the ONE Catholic Church is that we have a minimal number of strong leaders, beginning with some of our bishops. With the bishops' own statistics, the priest, sister, and seminarian shortage has been a disaster especially for the last fifty (1963-2013) years and with the lack of a teaching cadre, our bishops have not brought one successful solution to the priest shortage to the table. In fact, the proven solution illustrated in my papal-approved European apostolic particular Church is “off the table” (www.abxcrc.us/). In writing letters to the editors of Catholic magazines and newspapers, every article I submitted has been discarded because the “married clergy solution” is illustrated as the John Paul II canonical solution (Eastern code). The Renewal of my particular Church in Europe via a married clergy receives no mention in the Catholic media.


The serious impact of USA Roman Catholic bishops, who are in the process of terminating my USA particular Church via the Roman Curia and their un-Catholic documents, Ea semper and Cum data fuerit, continues as we are denied our papal approved canons.


The bishops’ worldwide statistical facts of 432,247 priests, 1,014,292 sisters, and 106,163 seminarians in 1963 have changed to 413,418 priests, 713,206 sisters, and 120,616 seminarians worldwide will result in the 1,322 faithful per priest in 1963 changing to 2,940 faithful per priest in 2013. In 1963 the USA had 776 faithful per priest and 1,763 faithful per priest in 2013. With USA seminarians at 47,574 in 1963 and less than 6,000 during the last 20 years, the USA priests will number less than 30,000 priests in 2033. The faithful per priest will number more than 3,000. These are not my statistics; they are reported by our bishops. To provide one priest per 776 persons worldwide and equate the conditions of the faithful in the United States in 1963, we need 1,786,800 seminarians to begin "to go forth and make disciples of all nations. Then our bishops will offset abortion, same sex marriage, poverty, killing of Catholics worldwide, etc,  and, eventually, peace on earth. 



                                              Joseph P. Bonchonsky