AMERICAN BYZANTINE CATHOLIC RESEARCH CENTER 1334 RAMONA DRIVE, MOUNT SHASTA CA 96067 #323 FEB 2014 CRIES FOR HELP CRIES FOR HELP In my lifetime, the cry for help from Christians being persecuted has not been successfully answered and, evidently, the cry will continue without effective corrective help. True, our Church hierarchy responds with prayers, finances, pressure upon our governments, etc. to do something directly effective. Instead, the killings of Christians and others continue and it appears to be headed to never ending. What can the One Church do? We have no army of soldiers. We have minimal impact on the Leaders in the free world (war should not be a solution). We can send aid in food, housing (temporary enclosures), and we can pray for them. That unfortunately does not solve the problem. It kicks the can down the road at best. There is one primary solution that the One Church is most corrective. And, that is in fulfilling Our Lord’s instructions “to go forth and teach all nations.” We must believe that Our Lord’s instructions to the Twelve Apostles are at the foundation of our universal mission as the One Church. The “education” of all, every single individual on earth is included in the Lord’s instructions and, therein, our objective is to mission the world, the entire world, every single human being. After two thousand years, we have constant wars, poverty, increasing evils, etc. and when a cry for help is sounded, we are mostly helpless to truly aid and our fellow Christians pay the penalty for our poor preparation to combat evil through education. We are emitting no signs of “educating all.” We are helpless. Our present educational procedures are failing us. Since 1963 with 432,247 priests, 1,014,292 women religious, 193,705 men religious, worldwide, we now, in 2013, have 413,418 priests, 713,206 women religious, and 135,072 men religious and, most importantly, our seminarians have a miniscule change from 106,163 to120, 616 as our Catholic faithful have increased from 572,006,000 to 1,213,591,000 worldwide. The faithful per priest, worldwide, has changed from 1,323 to 2,936 faithful per priest during the last 50 years. We have changed from 18.35% to 17.50 % of the world’s population. We are failing and failing badly in educating all. Not only did 20,000,000 recently leave the Catholic Church in the USA, the shortage of priests and sisters indicate an increasing departure of a greater magnitude in the short years ahead. When in the United States the faithful per priest changes from 1,323 to 2,936 and in Argentina, the faithful per priest changes from 3,537 to 6,434, we, as Catholics must admit that our worldwide education program has failed us….. badly. As the years proceed and Catholics in persecuted countries cry for serious help, we will recognize that the world priest shortage must be solved and solved quickly. Our Catholic population numbers increase (population growth) and our priesthood and sisterhood decrease dramatically. The difficult point of understanding is that our Church Leaders continue to keep the canonical solution off the table. The example of the Byzantine Catholic Church of Carpatho Rus being exterminated from 1945 to 1989 and within 20 years afterwards, the Rusyn Church has fully recovered by instituting their papal-approved canon (John Paul II in 1990) of a “celibate and married” clergy in accordance with the Early Fathers of the One Church is completely ignored. Why? The particular Roman Catholic Church and its manmade mandate of celibacy are defended at all costs by celibates to retain its idealistic position of celibacy over the saving of souls. The USA Roman bishops’ denial of the papal-approved Byzantine canon is an illegal act and evidently the Roman priest shortage is an acceptable condition. The Roman acts of Ea semper, 1929, and Cum data fuerit, 1929, are but two Roman acts of many that illustrate the obstacle to the education of all. The statistical status of seminarians indicates that our priest numbers in North America and Europe are to be a greater priest shortage. North America had 52,632 seminarians in 1963 and changed to 16,226 seminarians in 2013. Europe had 39,357 seminarians in 1963 and changed to 20,296 in 2013. A major decrease in priests for North America and Europe is a matter of minimal time. The ABCRC prepared web site, www.abcrc.us , details some of the 323 articles prepared on the subject and it is strongly suggested that the Advisory Board to Pope Francis in seeking an improved management of the One Church review the statistical status of the One Church. The objective of educating every human being on earth as instructed by Our Lord to the Twelve Apostles indicates that Our Lord “calls” an oversupply of priests and our bishops are to “choose” them. GOD IS WITH US, Joseph P. Bonchonsky
Joseph Bonchonsky,
Feb 27, 2014, 10:58 AM