AMERICAN BYZANTINE CATHOLIC RESEARCH CENTER 1334 RAMONA DRIVE, MOUNT SHASTA CA 96067 #356 AUGUST 2014 CHURCH UNITY … PEACE CHURCH UNITY … PEACE The task of achieving Church Unity will require adjustments to our present understandings. One of the interpretations is the understanding of our original Church management system and organizational structure. The fact that today our Church Leaders are embedded will require a full analysis in order to adjust. The first step is to acknowledge that Our Lord Jesus established a management organizational structure and Church management levels that we have altered and embedded ourselves therein. Let us review the original top-level management organization. Jesus instructed the Twelve Apostles and appointed one of them, Peter, to be in charge. In this action alone, Our lord established the first two tiers of our management organizational structure. The instruction to the twelve Apostles is to “go forth and make disciples of all nations.” The twelve apostles responded to Our Lord’s instructions and the result to date is twenty-two Apostolic Particular Churches, each Sui iuris. There was to be no limit on the number of Apostolic Churches and the objective was to organize and evangelize every soul on earth. Peter, the Rock, is assigned to manage the Patriarchs in faith and morals and the Mystical Supper is to be the unifying element. The end result of Church Unity is to save all souls and attain Peace on Earth. It was understood that Peace meant “no wars, no hunger, no hatred, etc.” and it would require every soul on earth to be disciples. Unfortunately, we are a long way away from Peace. Therefore, we must return to the intended management organization and that would begin with Church Unity, that is, the organization structure that Our Lord established, Apostolic Particular Churches each led by a patriarch and Peter as the Vicar of Christ, our Holy Father. Church Unity is in the foundation of Our Lord’s instructions. Today, the task of achieving Church Unity is most critical “to go forth.” Without Church Unity we will continue our ways of ever-lasting wars amongst men. With Church Unity we take a giant leap toward Peace and therein we commence to fulfill His Instructions. The immediate task today includes a return to “finding” additional Apostolic Particular Churches with patriarchs leading each Church. We have the Orthodox Particular Churches with their Patriarchs and their Early Fathers’ interpretations. No changes are required of the Orthodox primarily because they possess the faith and morals from the instructions of Jesus to the Twelve Apostles. The Apostolic Particular Orthodox Churches have always been of the One Church and Peter is to embrace their status with brotherly love, one of the greatest gifts from God. The Protestant Christians, by necessity, will require a different route. The Anglicanorum coetibus document requires improvement. First to be considered is the status of an Apostolic Particular Church with a patriarch and its place in the second tier of management and, as all others, a direct relationship with Peter. Multiple changes and improvements to Anglicanorum coetibus are required such as all future vocations to be celibate or married. The Anglican Catholics will become the “model” for all Protestant Churches to seek Church Unity with the One Church. Our Lord in instructing the Twelve Apostles provided guidance to the Apostles to be Sui iuris. There are many Roman Catholic Church Leaders who will oppose various Eastern practices and the opposition will be severe, for example, married clergy. The papal approved Code of Canons of the Eastern Catholic Churches (John Paul II, 1990) authorizes a married clergy and to achieve Church Unity with the Orthodox Churches who will insist on protecting their practices; the Roman Church Leaders must not be permitted to interfere with the canons of Eastern Churches. The Roman man made mandate on celibacy will be but one of many difficult issues that must be fully clarified. The most effective and instantaneous procedure is that the Church Unity agreement between the Orthodox and Roman Apostolic Particular Church recognizes the independent authority of each Apostolic Particular Church to be Sui iuris, self-management. Ecumenical Patriarchal Councils will be the means of solving any differences between the Pope and the Apostolic Churches. ABCRC document #44 August 2014 Church Unity provides a clear relationship between the Pope and the Patriarchs. Throughout the second millennium, Roman Church bishops, especially outside of Europe, have exceeded their authority by imposing requirements upon the Eastern Catholic Apostolic Particular Churches and the correct procedure to understand our differences is that all differences are to be subject to resolution only in Ecumenical Patriarchal Councils during which the Pope and the patriarchs will adjudicate the issues. In no case will Roman Catholic bishops have authority to interfere with Eastern patriarchs. In the second millennium, from 1054 to the present, the Eastern Catholic Churches have suffered badly via the actions of Roman Catholic bishops and the Orthodox Patriarchs are fully aware of the Roman status with the Eastern Catholic Churches. The optimum procedure is that the only Eastern relationship with the Roman Catholic Church is directly between the Pope and the Eastern patriarchs in Ecumenical Patriarchal Councils. The many interpretations on religious beliefs will require the Roman Apostolic Particular Church and the Eastern Apostolic Particular Churches to accept each others’ interpretations until resolved in Ecumenical Patriarchal Councils after Church Unity is achieved. It is to be understood that each interpretation will be accepted until resolution. The newly assigned ten Consultors to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity have been assigned a task that has evaded others during a 960 year time-period (1054 to 2014). The assignment will require our prayers and their wisdom. GOD IS WITH US GO WITH GOD Joseph P. Bonchonsky
Joseph Bonchonsky,
Aug 30, 2014, 11:07 AM