AMERICAN BYZANTINE CATHOLIC RESEARCH CENTER 1334 RAMONA DRIVE, MOUNT SHASTA CA 96067 #358 AUGUST 2014 CHURCH UNITY … WAR CHURCH UNITY … WAR In our ABCRC articles on Church Unity, it is intended to indicate the effects of Church Unity and the common sense of taking the fastest route to Church Unity especially between the Orthodox Apostolic Particular Churches and the Roman Apostolic particular Church. Instead of insisting on each Apostolic Particular Church seeking to justify their interpretation of any specific detail the objective is to gather together and evaluate Our Early Fathers’ teachings until a common understanding is reached. The objective is not to reach our own interpretation before Church Unity but to reach His teachings and thereby the correct beliefs. Church Unity between the Orthodox and the Romans has a powerful platform for eliminating wars. For example, with Russia and the United States having Church Leaders praying together, there will be a more palatable position for their Leaders to have a positive working relationship. The Islamists with terror in mind will no longer “feel” that they are invincible and they will commence to take serious concern before terrorizing others. Church Unity will, in fact, change the attitude concerning war, every war. The last millennium has been a disastrous time-period of wars, especially world wars. We Christians have been divided to the point that some leaders of individual nations believed they could conquer the world. Presently, the idea of war as a route to power needs to be changed. A Church United world will not be accomplished overnight but the individual national leaders who have war on their mind will be aware that going to war will be disastrous. A Church Unity between the Orthodox and Catholics is a giant step forward in changing to peaceful attitudes. One gathering of the Christian Leaders and their agreement to be united will make all war mongers think twice before any attempt to believe that war is the way. Instantaneous agreement between the Orthodox and the Catholics to be united is based on the fact that they are Apostolic Particular Churches founded by Our Lord’s direction. Their present differences are the result of “theologians” not being able to realize that our basic faith is the same and the differences are interpretations solvable only “after” Church Unity. For 960 years, we both have struggled to be perfectly clear that one is more correct than the other; as a result, we have both lost the brotherly love that Our Lord has bestowed upon us. War is hell on earth and we separated Christians have not truly handed true peace offerings to each other. Instead we have observed our Christian brothers being persecuted and the anti-Christian enemy is aware that we are unable to work together to unite. More severe than that is that the last two World Wars found Christians fighting against Christians and still we have not taken steps to be together as One. We Christians must unite not only because we are Christians but also because we have been instructed by God toward peace. If the Orthodox and Catholics were united in One Universal Church, WWI and WWII would have never occurred. Instead of Unity we have accepted separation with all of its consequences. When Our Lord appointed Peter to manage the Apostolic Particular Churches, Peter failed by our separation. The failure is because we are human. But to continue our separation for 960 years is more than a matter of failure, it is because we have lost our Christian outlook. Instead of crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, let us accept each other’s interpretations, join together, and become the peace-makers that Our Lord intended. GOD IS WITH US GO WITH GOD Joseph P. Bonchonsky