AMERICAN BYZANTINE CATHOLIC RESEARCH CENTER 1334 RAMONA DRIVE, MOUNT SHASTA CA 96067 #359 AUGUST 2014 CHURCH UNITY … FROM WITHIN CHURCH UNITY … FROM WITHIN The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is in need of some action from within. We must recognize that we need a comprehensive strategy that we can implement. To date, we have been dependent upon “others” to solve the world’s evils; the result of that strategy during the two millennia is constant war. Proof of the failure is the present conditions of constant war. What can be done? First, we must have an oversupply of quality priests. Without an oversupply of priests, celibate and married, we are lost. True, we accomplished some goals but look at the moral status of today’s world and one will easily recognize that one priest for every 2,936 faithful (1,213,591,000 faithful and 413,418 priests) indicates a disastrous status. In some countries we have one priest for 14,993 faithful, as noted in Honduras (6,687,000 faithful and 446 priests). It is no wonder that killings are rampant and the suffering children are trying to escape to the United States. The USA has one priest for 1,764 faithful (69,436,660 faithful and 39,368 priests). With our vocation status, the United States in 2044 will have only 19,600 priests and the calculated forecast is only one priest for 4,512 faithful (88,436,660 faithful and 19,600 priests). Our disastrous decline is measured by the fact that in 1963 we had one priest for every 776 faithful. It is not a question of celibate priests but it is a question of missing celibate priests. The ABCRC web site www.abcrc.us clearly presents factual evidence in the Byzantine Apostolic Particular Catholic Church in Slovakia that a married and celibate priesthood provided an oversupply of priests after the annihilation by the atheist communists. There are canonical solutions in the Apostolic Church. Second, we need Church Unity of all beginning with the Orthodox Apostolic Particular Churches, worldwide. The Orthodox Churches have valid Catholic sacraments and their Churches were founded by the Apostles. They did not separate from the Church; they are still members of the Apostolic Church. The ecumenical councils of the One Church were held in Orthodox lands during the entirety of the first millennium. Why are they considered separated? The answer is best recognized by the treatment of those Orthodox who returned such as my Byzantine Rusyn Catholic Church who has been persecuted by the USA Roman Catholic bishops via Ea semper (1907) and Cum data fuerit (1929) with its Illegal denial of a papal approved canon (latest canon appoval, by John Paul II, 1990). The problem is not the Orthodox Apostolic Churches; the problem is in Rome. Forever, 960 years, the Orthodox have always recognized Peter as the Vicar of Christ; Rome has not recognized the Sui iuris status of the Orthodox Churches in the One Church. Third, with an oversupply of quality priests and Church Unity we can then begin to teach all nations in accordance with Our Lord’s instructions. With our decreasing number of priests, 432,247 priests in 1963 to 413,418 in 2013, we are going in the wrong direction. With a world’s population at 6,933,310,000 in 2013, we need 8,934,678 priests to have 776 souls per priests. The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church must become, once again, the Church Our Lord founded through the Apostles. A Church seeking unlimited Apostolic Churches, Sui iuris, is to evangelize all nations, and fulfill Our Lord’s instructions. GOD IS WITH US GO WITH GOD Joseph P. Bonchonsky
Joseph Bonchonsky,
Aug 30, 2014, 10:48 AM