#455 JUNE 2015 ... GOING FORTH


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                                                                                 #455 JUNE 2015 … GOING FORTH


                                                  GOING FORTH


In recognizing that the world’s population in 1963 was noted as 3,119,464,628 souls and in 50 years the world’s population increased to 7,023,377,000, the potential increase can reach 15,812,911,000 human beings on the planet earth in the year 2065. With a generation approximated at 25 years, our grandchildren could have their offspring amongst that 15 billion number.


The Catholic worldwide priesthood totaled 432,247 priests in 1963 and 414,313 priests in the year 2014; based on the number of seminarians, the potential decrease can result in 397,123 priests worldwide in 2065. This translates to 39,818 souls per priest. Today, 2015, we have 16,952 souls per priest, worldwide.


In 1963, the USA had 776 faithful per priest (43,851,538 faithful with 56,540 priests). In 2014, the USA had 1,780 faithful per priest (69,470,686 faithful with 39,022 priests). The world’s faithful per priest in 2014 was 2,965 (1,228,621,000 faithful with 414,313 priests). Statistically, the above should ring the alarm bell, better still; the Church bells should strike loud and clear.


Today, one of the most corrupt nations (crimes) in the Americas is Honduras with 14,681 faithful per priest (6,768,000 faithful with 461 priests). Honduras is a Catholic country with a population of 80.7% Latin Catholics.


The statistics are the numbers forwarded to Rome by the bishops of the world. The numbers are crunched in Rome and also contained in the annual Our Sunday Visitor’s Catholic Almanac printed in Huntington, Indiana. One would believe that the bishops of the world, our Church Leaders, would be embarrassed for not placing the solution to the priest shortage “on the table.” The world’s Catholic newspapers treat the subject in secrecy. Truthfully, transparency is part of the solution. The faithful of the world can solve the problem through education, the education of every soul on earth. The missing element is the shortage of priests, sisters, brothers, and seminarians. Statistically, we are declining rapidly and our bishops are fully aware of the status quo. Our Church Leaders, our bishops, are fully occupied in their daily trappings.


In nearly 2,000 years, the One Church has but 17.5% of the world’s population and that number of 1,228,621,000 faithful is badly in need of priests, sisters, brothers, and seminarians. Our Church Leaders hold onto their manmade mandated rule of celibacy that clearly is opposite to Our Lord’s selection of mostly married men to be our Twelve Apostles with Our Lord’s instructions “to go forth and make disciples of all nations.”      


Despite their own statistics, our Latin bishops adhere fully to their self-made rule that results in the aforementioned statistics. The papal-approved canon of the Eastern Catholics for a married clergy has existed from our beginning and the Latin bishops of the Americas, during the past century, persecuted the Eastern Catholics by denying them of their papal-approved canon.


There is a Latin Catholic mentality that has been developed during the last 961 years (1054-2015) when the Latin Catholics decided to go alone instead of following Our Lord’s instructions to all Twelve Apostles who found a multiplicity of Apostolic Particular Churches with solidarity provided by Saint Peter and his successors. The result is one Apostolic Particular Church in the West and 24 Apostolic Particular Churches in the East.


Today, the world is in a pathetic moral status that worsens every year because of our lack of Church Unity of all religions, yes, all religions. Pope Francis has appointed ten Postulators for the Pontifical Council for Church Unity. One may think this is an impossible task; it is not, the impossible task is that in 50 years the continuation of the present statistical status may nearly be impossible to solve. Presently, there are educational solutions but they require an oversupply of priests, sisters, brothers, and seminarians. God Is With Us and we must believe that.


Our present procedure of continuing is definitely the wrong path. The primary solutions rest with our bishops who “choose” the “called.” Our Latin Catholic bishops need our support and the support must be fully in the numerical growth of the religious. Our Latin bishops must place the subject “on the table,” instead of adhering to a limiting manmade mandated rule of their own.


Our faithful are growing impatient and our church attendance is very low in too many parishes. We are wandering like lost sheep because our earthly shepherds are asleep. We, the remaining faithful, are obedient but badly in need of pastors, an overabundance of pastors. There is an oversupply amongst us but we have been “called” to two vocations, the priesthood and marriage. It was appropriate at the beginning of the One Church and is appropriate today. God Is With Us!


In the USA, since 1963 our seminarians have decreased from 47,574 to 5,046 in 2014 and the seminaries have decreased from 561 to 159; the calculated future is most serious. On top of that, when the Anglican Catholics returned as noted in Anglicanorum coetibus, their future priests must be celibate. That action by our Latin bishops, instead of seeking growth, “I dare you Protestants to reunite” is implied. The Latin Catholic mentality of our Latin Catholic bishops indicates that their rule is more important than the salvation of souls. What else?


Pope Francis, per your humble request, we pray for you. Most importantly, we also pray for the Latin bishops of the world to see the Light in the East  


                        GO WITH GOD

                                                         Joseph P. Bonchonsky




Joseph Bonchonsky,
Sep 4, 2015, 8:22 AM