After hundreds of forays into all possible impact subjects, in the second millennium management of the One Church, it has become necessary to summarize the most meaningful causes for the status of the difficulties of the Christian world to comply with Our Lord's instructions "to go forth and make disciples of all nations." It has taken years of research and analysis therein to  arrive at our results. There are basic steps of explanation and in presenting them, it is hopeful that you may understand that it has always been our intent to assist the bishops of the Apostolic Churches to provide sound reasoning for our Research Summaries.

First of all, to fully understand the starting point in summarizing our research, we ask "Why did Our Lord select Twelve Apostles?"  To understand our Lord's instructions to the Twelve Apostles concerning His One Church management and to compare our present status will enable the fulfilment of His Instructions.  And, today, we have but one Apostlic Church in a controlling, domineering position? Our Lord certainly had a basic reason (dialogue) for the selection of Twelve Apostles and their successors to manage the growth and direction of the One Church. We will attempt, in the attached article, to follow our reasoning for selecting this approach to  illustrate a cause for the problems of the second millennium and eventually a solution therein.